Our Vision

Imagine a community dedicated to the world of travel and tourism. A place where you can learn about idyllic locations that excite and inspire you, and being able to connect with those who can share their own experiences first hand. A place where travel and adventure drives the conversation, and a platform that rewards you for contributing to a community that wants to be inspired by the stories you have to share. This is our vision for bmy.guide, a revolutionary social platform for the travel and tourism industry powered by blockchain. A technology set to become a hugely disruptive force in a multi-trillion dollar global industry by eliminating costly middle-men, and placing everything you need to create the trip of a lifetime into an elegantly designed mobile optimised Experience.

An all-in-one social platform created with the sole intention of reshaping how you plan, book and record your journeys online, and a vision that stands ready for you to explore.

Today’s Landscape

The travel and tourism industry is in a state of flux. As online booking platforms, social media, and the review economy diverge, people are demanding far more from their trips than those that went before them ever did.

In today's current landscape, there is no dedicated platform where those interested in travel and tourism can interact in a truly meaningful way. A platform that is solely designed to service the growing demand for travel focused content in a way that both entertains and informs.

In today’s fragmented social media landscape we see content from travel influencers scattered over the social web making it difficult, and time consuming for people to find.

And we have a handful of middle men, like Tripadvisor and Booking.com gleefully carving out their slice of a $7.6 trillion industry without truly providing a unified user experience that places the wants and needs of the user at the heart of everything they do.


We are building a socially powered search engine that, for the first time, gives you the ability to instantly connect with tailored content and community-reviewed services that are truly relevant to you.

Through the use of blockchain, we have created a powerful platform that allows you to be rewarded for the content you share that others value and appreciate.

This one-of-a-kind project has the potential to reshape the travel and tourism industry from the ground up, by creating a gateway to unique travel experiences unhindered by language barriers or lack of local knowledge.

Through a personalized news feed, you’ll be inspired to discover the world through the eyes of those who have set forth before you, and be able to follow in their footsteps through a booking and review system designed to leverage the ever expanding collective experiences of a passionate community.

Meet bmy.guide!

bmy.guide is an opportunity unlike any other, and one that has been in development for the past 18 months.

From its humble beginnings as a simple app offering a personalised concierge service to travellers the world over, to its current incarnation as a search engine for locations and natural environment with a fully fledged social network, bmy.guide is a project with the potential to become a prominent player in the hugely profitable Online Travel Agent (OTA) industry.


With countless man-hours already accumulated in the planning and development of the platform, you have the opportunity to join a project that has already delivered on the development of:

A Fully Functioning Prototype ready to be populated by you and other passionate travellers

A Travel-Focused Platform that will allow you to effortlessly connect with the people, content, and communities that inspire and entertain you while allowing you to beautifully journal and share every aspect of your own adventures... and that’s only the beginning!

An Innovative Marketing Strategy designed to rapidly carve out a slice of an industry demanding the exact functionality this platform delivers, and one estimated to have generate over $7.6 trillion in 2016 alone.

A Gamified Platform: that leverages blockchain and the network effect of social media to create a community of passionate travellers who are rewarded for making the process of researching and booking trips enjoyable and hassle free.

A Conversion Focused Ecosystem: designed to seamlessly partner with established competitors rather than directly compete with them, in a manner that generates high revenue growth, while still providing the opportunity to exploit current market inefficiencies.

bmy.guide represents an opportunity to be part of a technology poised to radically reshape how people research, find inspiration, plan and book their vacations, and how they record their experiences as they travel the world. We are targeting a rapidly evolving industry that already contributes significant revenues to the GDP of nation states all over the world.

We invite you to share your travel experiences and establish yourself on bmy.guide as we drive this game changing platform into the mainstream.

Our adventure together starts here, click the button below and join us.

Quarter 1
- Market research and feasibility study
- A team of developers, designers and marketing specialists has been formed
- Idea, brainstorming, team creation, market study
- Platform’s development process started
Quarter 3
- Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is launched
- Users can post postcards (photos, albums, videos, journals, tories and reviews, private & group chat
Quarter 4
- MVP testing and improvements
- Testing and optimizing desktop application
- Mobile adapted web version of the platform
- Marketing Expansion Campaign - attracting more and more users
Quarter 1
- bmy.guide Platform is opened for new registrations
- Implementing Countries and Cities Official Pages
- Target, lots of users, group of users, users being rewarded for posting
- Release of new infrastructure component: Content Delivery Network
Quarter 2
- Launching the beta version of the desktop application
- The development team starts developing new feature: Marketplace
- The development team starts developing new feature: Achievements
- Release of new features: Achievements
Quarter 2
June 2019
- Pre-sale stage starts (lasts for 30 days)
- Marketing Campaign Phase 2 is starting
- Release of new features: Beta release of Marketplace
Quarter 3
July 2019
- Main Sale Stage starts (lasts for 60 days)
- Development of new features: introducing Business Pages
- Release of new features: Official release of Marketplace
- Release of new features: Beta release of Guide Points as payment method on the Marketplace
- Release of new infrastructure component: New and improved load balancer layer
Quarter 3
August - September 2019
- Adding global partnerships
- Recruit travel influencers
- Main Sale Stage ends (end of August)
- The development team starts developing the Mobile Application (iOS and Android)
- Expanding the development team.
- The development team starts developing Chat 2.0.
- Release of new features: Beta release of Business pages.
- Release of new infrastructure component: New in-memory database cluster.
- Release of new infrastructure component: New and improved application server setup.
Quarter 4
- Phase 3 of the Marketing Campaign under development - Branding through strategic partnerships
- Marketing Expansion Campaign (estimated number of users +500,000)
- Release of new features: Chat 2.0.
Quarter 4
October 2019
- Release of new features: Official release of Business Pages
Quarter 4
December 2019
- Mobile Application Testing
- Expanding the security team.
- Expanding the development team.
- Expanding the QA team (focusing on testing and availability).
- Release of new infrastructure component: New database engine.
- bmy.guide officially introduces Guide Points as payment method on the Marketplace
Quarter 1
- Adding more payment options for the marketplace
- Release of new features: Beta release of Mobile application
- Release of new infrastructure component: Containerized application server
- Expanding the security team.
- Expanding the development team.
- The development team starts developing new feature: Booking of experiences
Quarter 2
- Release of new features: Official release of Mobile application
- Expanding the infrastructure team.
Quarter 3
- Release of new feature: Beta release of Booking experiences
Quarter 4
- Release of new feature: Official release of Booking experiences
- Release of new infrastructure component: Adding more infrastructure providers.
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Meet the bmy.guide Team
Alexandru Radulescu
Founder & CEO
Alexandra Nedelcu
Co-Founder & COO
Dan Eriksson
Larry Akpa
Adina Timonea
Bogdan Hristea
Alexandru Caldarescu
Full-Stack Developer
Yuri Proshin
Director of Communication
Ioannis Antonopoulos
Head of Operations
Ligia Stanescu
Head of Accounting and Control
Alexandru Nedelcu
Head of UX/UI Design
Dennevhyn Capina
UX/UI Design
Tania Campan
Denis Deriglazov
Front-end Developer
Bratu Afin Antonio
Media Analyst
Ioana Maria Iamandii
Media Analyst
Andrei Belmega
Media Analyst
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We are building a search engine dedicated to the environment and locations and a social platform to support the interaction of bmy.guide users.
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