What is bmy.guide?

bmy.guide is the 1st socially powered search engine for the travel and tourism industry, created with the sole intention of connecting travellers around the world as well as providing all the resources they require to plan, book and record their trips online.

Which problems does bmy.guide solve?

In today's current landscape, there is no dedicated platform where those interested in travel and tourism can interact in a truly meaningful way.

A platform that is solely designed to service the growing demand for travel focused content that both entertains and informs. A platform that rewards its users for contributing to the community with high-quality content, while providing the tools required to beautifully journal every aspect of a trip through video, images, and text.

Why to take part in the token sale?

bmy.guide has the potential to reshape the way people around the world search for information, find inspiration and travel. In the same time, bmy.guide creates a gateway to unique travel experiences unhindered by language barriers or lack of local knowledge.

It will cut the time spent on finding inspiration, researching and planning a trip by providing a platform that is centred around giving the users easy access to the services they require.

Below are what the team believes are compelling reasons to become a purchaser of GUIDE coin:

  • The team planned to implement a reward system based on achievements that actually rewards its contributors. To this end, the team designed a rewards program called the ‘Achievements’.
  • Unlike the thousands of rival projects currently competing in the blockchain space, bmy.guide is unique. The team has invested heavily in the development of a social network platform backed by blockchain technology and designed to specifically service an industry worth trillions of dollars per year. This means that regardless of the fluctuation, the project can still be valuable.
  • bmy.guide has a team behind it that has a combination of vision and expertise, which will allow them to deliver a top tier product.
Does bmy.guide have a MVP available?


The bmy.guide project has been in development for the past 18 months. Join a community of avid travellers, sign up on bmy.guide (Beta Version) here: bmy.guide.

How, where and when can I use GUIDE Tokens?

Through the use of bmy.guide platform, users will have instantaneous access to a unique Marketplace that brings together businesses and customers.

The Marketplace also provides users with all the services they require to cost-effectively plan an amazing trip by bringing together millions of services from a multitude of service providers, under a single ecosystem that’s safe and secure.

Through the use of GUIDE Coin, you will be able to quickly access vetted services, hotels, restaurants, recreational activities, travel-related products and goods.

bmy.guide Marketplace is currently under development. Its official release is scheduled for July 2019.

How to purchase GUIDE Tokens?

Before deciding to join bmy.guide main sale, please read and understand GUIDE Coin Purchase Terms and Conditions. Citizens of the United States, Singapore or Republic of China are not eligible to participate in bmy.guide token sale.

In order to purchase GUIDE Tokens, follow the steps below:

1. Sign up or Login to Livecoin.
2. Follow Step 1: Add a valid ethereum wallet address and submit it.
Notice: You may change your wallet address at any time during the main sale
3. Follow Step 2: Submit KYC documents and information. Once your account is verified and approved you will be able to purchase GUIDE Tokens. Notice: KYC verification process may take up to 48h.
4. Follow Step 3:

  • Select the payment method: Ethereum or Bitcoin.
  • Set the amount you would like to purchase.
  • Verify the Summary of your purchase.
  • Click on ‘Purchase Coins’ button.
  • An ethereum or bitcoin wallet address will be generated.
  • Send the amount you are willing to invest to the wallet address generated.
  • Upon transaction confirmation, you will see GUIDE Tokens on your dashboard balance.

How many GUIDE Tokens have been issued?

1,000,000 GUIDE tokens

When will GUIDE be listed on the exchanges?

We intend for GUIDE to be listed on the exchanges right after the main sale is over (September 15th, 2019)

What are the different stages of the bmy.guide main sale?

The bmy.guide main sale starts on June 15th and ends on September 15th, 2019. There are no different stages of the main sale, meaning the price per 1 GUIDE token is US $ 0.10 during the entire sale.

What are the bonuses available?

There are no bonuses available for purchaising GUIDE Token during the main sale. The price per GUIDE token is US $ 0.10 during the entire main sale.

When will I receive the GUIDE Tokens I purchased?

Upon transaction confirmation, the GUIDE Tokens will be displayed on your dashboard balance. GUIDE Tokens are distributed to your ethereum wallet address at the end of the main sale.

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